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Septic System Inspections in Massachusetts.
How To Pass a Massachusetts Title V Inspection in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Title V septic inspection discount coupons in Massachusetts.
Most affordable Title V Septic System Inspections in Massachusetts.
Cheapest Title 5 Inspections in Massachusetts.

Curtis Septic is one of the most trusted, experienced Massachusetts Title V Inspectors in the Worcester County area due to our Honest, Integrity and Experience.

We are Licensed by the Local Board of Health in Worcester County, Massachusetts and provide the most affordable Title 5's.
Massachusetts Title V Inspectors
Best Worcester County Title V Inspections
Curtis Septic Service has been in business for over 30 years and has performed thousands of Title 5 Inspections. We're fast, efficient and can help you through the process.
Most affordable Title V Inspections
Most qualified Title 5 Inspectors
Fast, Service & Turnaround Time
Emergency Services Available
Over 30 Years of Experience as a leader in septic system inspections.
Worcester County, Massachusetts Title V Septic System Inspections.
"Curtis Septic was the most affordable Title 5 Inspector I could find. The Inspector which came to my house did the job very quickly and was very professional and courteous
  Curtis Septic Customer 
Accurate System Diagnostics
State-of-the-Art Procedures
Highly Trained, Experienced Staff
Tips on "How to Treat Your System"
Most Affordable Septic System Repairs with a Lifetime Guarantee 
Curtis has the most qualified team of Title V Inspectors in Worcester County, MA offering affordable inspections with same day report capabilities.
Our inspector perform an honest, accurate inspection. If repairs are needed, Curtis can provide the most cost-effective remediation.
Homeowners wishing to sell their home in Worcester County must have a Title V Inspection. Once this is accomplished, you sell your home!
Central Mass Title V
Pass the Inspection
Sell Your Home
Curtis Septic Inspection
$50 Off Septic Inspections in Worcester County MA
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in Worcester County, Massachusetts
Call Curtis Septic for Your Septic System Inspection in Worcester County MA
Honesty. Integrity. Experience.
Curtis Septic Service         Serving Worcester County, Massachusetts       (508) 358-4400
Sell your home when you pass a Title 5 Inspection on your septic system in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Serving all of Central Massachusetts
4 Convenient Locations
Wayland * Stow * Northboro * Oxford
How to Pass a Title 5 septic system inspection in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Title V Inspections in Worcester County, Massachusetts
Septic system inspectors in Central Massachusetts.
Experienced Title 5 Inspectors in Worcester County, Massachusetts For 3 Decades
  • Interior Plumbing System Inspection
  • Evaluation of Underground Water Table Levels
  • Fiber Optic Pipe Camera Diagnostics
  • Digging to the Main Components of the System
  • Check Integrity of Septic Pipes, D-Box & Tank
  • Evaluate Efficiency of Soil Absorption System (SAS) for our Worcester County, MA customers