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Shrewsbury MASS Septic Company.
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Curtis Septic performs residential and commercial septic system installation services with a Lifetime Guarantee all workmanship. No other Shrewsbury Septic Contractor offers this.

We routinely save our customers money with our knowledge, efficiency, equipment and experience in Shrewsbury performing:
Septic Installation with a Guarantee
  • Residential & Commercial Septic Installation
  • New Leach Fields & Soil Absorption Systems
  • Clogged Soil Absorption System Repair
  • Leach Field Repair / Replacement
  • Rotted Distribution Box Replacement
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services Available
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all work in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts (MA).
Why Choose Curtis For Septic Installation?
Curtis Septic Service's team is comprised of the industry's most qualified technicians providing residential and commercial septic system installation services in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts:
4 Convenient Locations
Affordable Septic System Installation
State-of-the-art Diagnostics
Installed Thousands of Systems
Over 30 Years of Excellence as a 
Septic Company in Shrewsbury
Commercial septic system installation in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.
"I got 5 quotes for a septic system replacement. Curtis Septic had the lowest price and the most experience. I'd say they're the best company for the installation of a new septic system in Massachusetts."
  Curtis Septic Customer 
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Top Quality Septic Products
Residential & Commercial Ability
24 Hour Emergency Services 
Average Septic Technician has over 16 Years in the Septic Industry
Curtis Septic works with several of the best engineers in Shrewsbury, MA designing septic systems today.

$100 Off Shrewsbury Septic Systems
Our technicians and engineers can overcome any obstacle in the septic system installation process.

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Curtis Septic is the only company offering a Lifetime, Transferable Warranty on Workmanship in MA.

Lifetime Guarantee on Installation
Septic System Design
New System Installation
Lifetime Guarantee
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Shrewsbury Septic Company
Curtis Septic Service
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Serving all of Central Massachusetts
4 Convenient Locations
Wayland * Stow * Northboro * Oxford
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Over 30 Years
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